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Discover Best Business Networking Apps

If you consider yourself a seasoned networker your phone apps should definitely include some or all of the below list. Some say that networking is simply talking and exchanging business cards. There is nothing simple about networking; it shouldn’t be taken lightly unless you don’t want to grow your business and your own opportunities. Networking requires understanding and tools for success.

Check-out these cool business networking apps that will help you make the best of the process.


Business networking app #1. Namerick

I am more of a “face” person vs. “name” person. I know exactly if I have seen someone before. But names! I can never remember the names. If you have the same issue – this app is a must for you. You can easily record the name and the details about your meeting, i.e. location, clothes they were wearing, what you’ve talked about.


Business networking app #2. Vivastream

This is a social platform for business professionals that will come in handy at the conference. By using your LinkedIn profile it automatically hooks you up with people you may know through your existing network. It is great to be able to chat with people you actually interested in vs. small talking your way through the event.

Business networking app #3. 100AM

It is great to have all of those tools and apps and hoping to remember those them when the moment comes. What about having all of them in one convenient app? 100AM is just that one app you need. It is more than just an application – it is a whole ecosystem for networking. You get your card scanner, geolocator, group chats, nearby events and more. You can design your own business card, for instance. Or you can keep your personal contacts separate from your business peers.

Business networking app #4. GroupMe

Handy service for the group chats. Once you set up the group, everyone will get a phone number where to text and Voila, you have yourself a nice manageable group.  It is similar to group chats in WhatsApp and Viber but eliminates dragging around a bunch of phone numbers.


Business networking app #5. Shapr

This app is like Tinder for professional networkers. You get to fill out your profile with the things you like, the field of your trade and opportunities you are looking for. In return, you will be paired with people who are in the same field or looking for the same opportunities. At the same time, it very conveniently filters the people you have nothing in common.


Business networking app #6. Aloqa

This app belongs in the spy kit. By using your phone’s GPS, it locates and recommends nearby events, trendy activities, and even restaurants. Stay open to possibilities and take advantage of them. You never know where your next client or partner may meet you. Social events are your key to growing your network fast.


Business networking app #7. Sonar

Works perfectly with Aloqa. This app helps you locate people you may know or may have a connection with by reviewing your Facebook account. Don’t be a wallflower – create yourself a group of people you can talk to.



At the end of the day, all the apps were created to make your life easier. Experiment and see what works best for you and for your networking needs.