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Best of CES 2018: Highlights

Comes January, Las Vegas opens its hospitable arms for tech companies from around the globe to show off their best inventions at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This is a great place to pick the brain of the tech giants and startups and experience a whole array of products and demos. Some of them are showcasing the technology that may not even be available for purchase in the near future, but it will indicate the direction the development is moving towards. However, the show offers plenty of insight into where companies like Sony or Samsung are putting their time and resources and what to expect on the Best Buy shelves next Black Friday.

All of the products on display are astonishing and the makers are competitive, hence the Best of CES Awards by Engadget was created to recognize the biggest achievements in different categories. Those categories include Best Startup, Best Wearable, Best Unexpected Product, Best Robot or Drone, Best PC or Tablet and many more. All of them focus on finding the most outstanding combination of design, functionality, problem-solving and quality.

Enough of the introduction, let’s take a look at some of the coolest consumer gadgets and other winners from the CES report 2018

Best of CES 2018 TV Product: LG 2018 C-Series OLED

LG’s next OLED TVs are now gained better brain-power and look. The C8-series, the step above the entry-level B8, is powered by new Alpha 9 processor. LG partners with Google and offers Google Assistant to deliver a complete TV experience.

Best of CES 2018 PC or Tablet: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

To make user experience even more enjoyable, Lenovo went above and beyond with small yet relevant improvements like a built-in privacy camera shutter and twin far-field mics for excellent voice control from a distance, Dolby Vision HDR display, embedded eSIM and Alexa.

Best of CES 2018 Digital Health and Fitness Product: L’Oreal UV Sense

This is a very intriguing device in this category. Photo The Best of CES 2018: Wearable devices Healbe GoBe2You would imagine a body tracker like Healbe Gobe (2017 winner). UV Sense is a step forward as now you wear it on your fingernail. The device tracks the amount of sun exposure you receive a day and communicates the results via a smartphone. The significance of this invention if both in skin-cancer prevention and in implementing micro-wearable computing.


Best of CES 2018 Robot or Drone: Sony AIBO

Sony’s charming robot puppy Aibo is back after a 20-year break. You can imagine how intelligent, connected and agile it is now. Not only it is a pettable companion, with an onboard camera it acts as a mobile webcam. Its OLED eyes are extremely expressive, and its WiFi and LTE connectivity allow it to function on the move.

Best of CES 2018 Vision of the Future (Smart City): Wi-Fiber Intelli-Platform Integrated Streetlights

Companies are looking for ways to make our cities smarter and not break a bank. One way to accomplish it is to bolt on smart-city equipment to existing infrastructure. Wi-Fiber has equipped a lamppost head with security cameras, and its pole with IoT and municipal WiFi equipment. But they didn’t forget that a street lighting is a primary function, so now the bulb can change color or flash to direct emergency services straight to where the crisis is.

Best of CES 2018 Unexpected Product: My Special Aflac Duck

This is not just another robotic toy! The main goal for this cuddly Aflac’s Special Duck is to comfort children diagnosed with cancer and support them through the difficult time. Some features include port-a-cath with an RFID chip for children to familiarize themselves with chemotherapy treatment, emoji cards which allow the duck to express the child’s emotions for them. Aflac is planning to distribute free toys to all children diagnosed with cancer in the US.

Best of CES 2018 Transportation Technology AND Best of the Best: Toyota e-Palette

Imagine an electric vehicle, a bit larger than your average box-truck, that can be whatever you want it to be – a delivery truck, a ride-sharing bus, an office, a restaurant, etc. It has autonomous navigation capabilities too. Oh and did you see the sleek modern design and size variations. Toyota’s concept represents an opportunity to large corporations. But more important, to small businesses.