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Business Networking Clubs

Once you have mastered the art of networking at the local groups and events you are ready to expand your reach towards larger national and global business networking clubs. By doing this, you will gain access to a wider range of professionals all over your country and the world. This is like getting your plane seat upgraded to a business class. You will also be getting drinks and food, but it will be of different quality and a level of service. Additional perks are common too. Hence, expect that the price tag for the membership at a business networking club will be correspondent. It will most likely include lavish multi-day events in other cities with celebrity speakers and after-hour galas on top of regular meeting and access to the knowledge and advise.

However, this is an investment in your company’s future. Don’t expect sales coming in after the first event. Networking doesn’t work this fast. The main goal of networking is not to get you sales, but rather create professional connections, develop trust, increase your industry and trends knowledge. How much are you ready to pay for this?

These are some examples of networking business clubs from around the world.

Business Networking Club #1. Business Networking International

BNI is the world’s largest networking group.  You are encouraged to find a “chapter” near you. It will be the place where regular meetings are held. This business network setup is a little different. The idea is to share referrals with each other. The difference between a referral and a lead is that you have already spoken to the client and “warmed” them up, prepared them for the transaction. Now they just have to go to the other member of the club and get the service. There is already trust build-in based on the ongoing relationship.

Interesting fact: only one representative from each field is allowed to join the chapter to avoid competition. New membership at BNI for a year is $745 and renewal is $595. You can also commit to 2 years right away and will score a discount.

Business Networking Club #2. LeTip

LeTipis a smaller version of BNI, if you will. It works on the same principle: you are expected to pass at least 1 qualified referral each week. The cost to join LeTip for the first time is $390.00 USD in the US membership and $390.00 CAD + tax in Canada.  They have a pretty strict list of rules that members obey because they say that membership at LeTip brings them 20X ROI.

Business Networking Club #3. Women In Business Networking

The name speaks for itself – this is a community for business women exclusively. They are based in UK and the membership starts at £240. It is a great platform for women to collaborate and promote their business relying on the “word of mouth”. No top of the “home” meetings, there are plenty of events involving other network groups in the area.

Business Networking Club #4. CEO Clubs Network

With headquarters in UAE, CEO Clubs connects you with over 13,000 CEO’s & High Executives from all industries in UAE and Worldwide. The membership guarantees you access to business knowledge and industry trends, as well as the opportunity to resolve any types of business issues within your VIP Network. 2 UAE and 2 global meetings, are also included. The cost of the membership runs between $4,900 to $35,000 depending on the level.

Business Networking Club #5. Rotary

Rotary International is a different type of club. It unites people who don’t want to be indifferent to the needs of the world. Your local chapter if full of those driven and enthusiastic individuals who care and believe that change can be achieved by simple actions. By creating connections with them you to impact your business while helping make the world a better place. This is an international organization and you will have an opportunity to meet other members at the annual event. Just to give you an idea, there are over 355,000 members in North America and the Caribbean alone. The dues for 6 months are $32.


There are indeed many ways to network. This list gives you an idea of how diverse networking world is and how many different options are there. No matter what you choose, make sure you are always following the needs of your company and understand the goals you set for yourself. After all, no membership can guarantee the boost of your business if you don’t get out there and network. In other words, there is not networking without WORK.