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Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas: “Wacky and Weird”, “Innovative”, “Awe-inspiring” and “Unexpected”

Can you think of a place where you can see a robot, the thinnest laptop, a smart car, VR goggles all under one roof? The answer is Consumer Electronics Show or CES in Las Vegas, NV.And though it is technically under multiple roofs (they host this gigantic event in Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC) and multiple Strip hotels) the rest is true – you can find one of the largest exhibits of consumer electronics there is!People describe it as “Wacky and Weird”, “Innovative”, “Awe-inspiring” and “Unexpected”. These are the other comments you can easily apply to the subject of the new technology that keeps evolving and blowing our minds every single year without fail. Next show dates are January 8-11, 2019. Register here and get free business card scanner


This is a must event to visit if you are:

  • Investing in Tech
  • Producing Tech
  • Buying Tech
  • Representing a global brand or an early-stage startup
  • Nuts about Tech and want to stay on top of new releases and trends


CES in numbers by far

1967 — a year of the first ever CES

11 official venues

1 time was open for public

2.5+ million net square feet of exhibit space

3,900+ exhibitors

24 product categories

20 Marketplaces

900+ startups participating

900+ conference speakers

~200k visitors every year


Electronics trade show of this size can be intimidating. Yet, despite the large volume, the conference is well organized. Show locations are divided into 3 blocks – East, West, and South. East is all about gadgets, gaming, and VR as well as vehicle tech. West covers IoT, health field innovations and smart home solutions. South stands for entertainment and advertising. That is the place where all networking events and conference sessions will be (this is where you need 100AM)

And, of course, with 100AM app in your phone, you will always be prepared for schedule changes or quick business card exchange. (DOWNLOAD here)

Talking about the schedule, CES Conference Program is truly massive and includes:

Keynote addresses by global industry executives;

SuperSessions showcasing emerging, up-and-coming companies;

CES Unveiled is a great chance to be in form of thousands of media

Tracks — short coverage of emerging trend;

Sessions — individual presentations within a track;

C Space focusing on advertising, marketing and other related industries.


Now, don’t forget, all this commotion is happening in Las Vegas — an epicenter of life! Famous for its casinos, night shows, bars and crazy foods, this is a perfect city to host an event of this size as only Vegas can handle all industry people hitting the town after a day at CES. But no worries, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.