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Join Networking At Conferences And Trade Shows

Looking to step up your networking game and attend some cool events, but don’t know where to start?

100AM (IOS and Android) thought of it! Check your app calendar to find more than 30 relevant trade shows and conferences, like Consumer Electronics Show, CES Asia, IFA Berlin. Browse events near you or based on your industry. Keep an eye on new events that appear often.

photo 100AM Event networking app

Once you join these events, you will be able to receive all the crucial information:

  • detailed description,
  • time,
  • location,
  • floor plan,
  • list of participants with their interests.

Use this data to your advantage: contact people in advance and set up appointments, exchange the information about you and your company. You can also invite your friends and colleagues to the events or share a link with someone who may be interested.

The closer it gets, the more details you will see. The conference schedule is available about a week prior to the event. Instead of downloading another app for the event, you will have everything stored in 100AM. Saves you time and valuable memory space.

And don’t forget about Groups, – group certain contacts in a folder under one name. For example, you have attended a conference and got 15 contacts. Now you can save them in the folder named after the conference. This way, if you need to you can even include the date and year if you attend this event annually to keep track of your progress and the number of live contacts you make. What a great way to work with multiple contacts.