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Lock Screen QR – The Easiest Way To Share Your Contact Details

QR codes are more useful than just getting a discount coupon at the grocery store. photo Lock Screen QR codeUse it to your advantage when exchanging contact details with a person you have just met. Imagine no more carrying paper business cards or running out of them in the middle of the meeting.

  1. Simply show a QR code on the screen of your phone
  2. So your interlocutor can scan it with the camera of their phone. Done!
  3. Now they can add your contact details straight to their phone book or keep them in the 100AM app (iOS and Android). It only takes a few seconds, but prevent the information from getting lost or mixed up.

Photo exchange screen scan QR code

But wait, there is more. The QR code appearing on your screen is not just a typical plain looking one. It is generated based on your Electronic Business Card design. It is fast, fun and will surely set you apart.

In order to generate a QR code, go to “Exchange”, choose the business card and press to save your contact as a QR on Lock screen.

If you want to scan someone’s QR you go to “Exchange” and choose “Scan QR code” or use the camera of your phone. You will get the hang of it, once you do it once or twice.