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Scan Business Card and Share Your Contact

Scan and Share are two actions you need to do regularly to succeed in modern day networking. Why in the age of technology we are exchanging paper cards?

Why would anyone have an old-fashioned box of cards they never even go through? Most of the cards end up in the trash – it is a fact. Now, what you should do to avoid that? The answer is simple – Scan and Share.

During a networking event, you receive a paper business card. Before, you would glance at it, put in a pocket and give them yours instead. Depending on the size of the event you can get a dozen cards with the intention to sort and document them all. Chances are it will never happen. They will stay in your pocket or get transferred to your desk where they will mix up with other trash.

This is what you can do to ensure all contacts arphoto Scan paper business card and share your contact informatione safely stored in your phone. Receive a card from a new contact, scan it using the 100AM app on your phone and share your contact. Your contact immediately receives your contact information to his email address.

Smart business card scanner will sort and save the data. (It will save the card snapshot as well!). If synchronized with a phone book, the app will store contacts there too. Scan as many business cards as you want and never lose important contact again.

Unlike other scanner based apps, 100AM allows you to perform an immediate action such as sending your contact information after you scanned a paper business card.

Share the digital business card that you have created right on the app (iOS and Android). No need to even carry paper cards anymore. 100AM automatically stores when and where you met and you can add notes what you have spoken about. If it is appropriate, go ahead and schedule a next meeting or a phone call if both parties are ready to move forward on a certain matter.

In any case, you will have the new information saved digitally right away and will ensure that your interlocutor has your contact details as well.