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Sync And Group

Using 100AM app is now easier than ever, with new features like Sync and Group. Your 100AM book can be synchronized with your phone book, so that you can have all the contacts available in both apps. Or you can choose to keep them separated, say, work vs. leisure or one project vs. the other. You are the boss!

Say you meet someone, scan their card and share your electronic business card. Now you can decide if you want this information only in your 100AM book or in your phone book as Synchronization Contacts With Phone Address Book

In Android phones, 100AM app also allows transferring existing contacts to 100AM. IOS at the moment supports only 100AM to phone book transfer. On top of that, you can also sync the contacts among different devices and platforms (iOS, Android or web). You can customize your phone books the way you find convenient. 100AM is all about saving you time and making your day more productive.

Another cool feature, called Group, does just that – groups certain contacts in a folder under one name. For example, you have attended a conference and got 15 contacts. Now you can save them in the folder named after the conference. This way, if you need to you can even include the date and year if you attend this event annually to keep track of your progress and the number of live contacts you make. What a great way to work with multiple contacts.