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Test Yourself: Are You A Networker?

Before you start learning a new skill, it is important to understand your current level. For instance, when you go to a language school they ask you to take a placement test to see where you are standing. When learning networking, it is also important to figure out what is your point A is. That’s why we came up with this quick test. Please answer the questions honestly. Write down your answers to calculate the score at the end.

When invited to an industry gathering I usually…

  1.            Come up with some excuse why I can’t attend.
  2.            Check if my friends are going and will join them.
  3.            Call of my plans for the night and be the first one in line to attend.

Upon arrival I…

  1.            Quietly take my name tag and move to the corner.
  2.            Say HI to some new people at the entrance but then join a group of familiar faces.
  3.            Strike a conversation with new people right away.

When it comes to food I…

  1.            Load up my plate and mouth, food is the reason I am here.
  2.            Crack a joke about food with a next in line. This never fails.
  3.            Use the buffet line to talk to people. Noting unites us as much as food.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks I…

  1.            Will make sure my glass is always full.
  2.            Will have a couple of drinks.
  3.            Will have a drink or may even opt for soda/water.

During the event I…

  1.            Sit quietly in one spot, hoping no one will talk to me.
  2.            Have a great time with my friends/colleagues hoping someone will join us.
  3.            Mingle and make new connections, hoping I can talk to everyone.

If someone asks me what do I do, I…

  1.            Will give a short answer and move on.
  2.            Will tell them all about myself and my needs.
  3.            Will start with an elevator pitch and then ask them to share their story.

How would you start a conversation?

  1.            I try to avoid talking, starting conversations is awkward.
  2.            I introduce myself and talk about my company.
  3.            Compliment my opponent or ask them a question to ensure they are talking.

What are you wearing?

  1.            Whatever office clothes I wear that day.
  2.            I dress up my office attire with different shoes or a shirt.
  3.            I know in advance about the event and plan the attire accordingly.

What is your tactic at the event?

  1.            Stay for a little, have dinner and leave.
  2.            Choose a “party table” and hang out there all evening.
  3.            Walk the room to ensure “full coverage”.

Do you know in advance who is attending?

  1.            No.
  2.            Kinda.
  3.            Yes, I like to check the guest list to see if there is anyone important I need to meet.

If you see someone sitting by themselves, what would you do?

  1.            Nothing, they are just taking a break, why bother them?
  2.            I will see if they want to join our group.
  3.            I will come and talk to them and then see if there is a group to join.

Do you have good questions ready for networking?

  1.            No, should I?
  2.            “How are you?” works great for me.
  3.            Yes, it is important for both starting and keeping the conversation.

Will you start a conversation with a stranger at a store or airport?

  1.            Why would I bother people?
  2.            Maybe, depends on the situation.
  3.            Yes, you never know where the new opportunity may find me.

How do you feel when you know you will be networking?

  1.            Nervous and uncomfortable.
  2.            A little nervous, but ok.
  3.            Excited and energetic.

What are your networking goals?

  1.            I should have goals?
  2.            Have a great time and meet a few people?
  3.            Find as many people I will be able to help as I can.


Now when you have your score down, see how many points you score.


Answer Points earned
1 1
2 2
3 3


Now check your score.


Great job! You are a pretty confident networker! You know that networking is all about helping others, getting out there and your interpersonal skills. Keep up a good work.


Solid result. You are outgoing and friendly, however, you need to polish some of your networking skills. Spend less time with people you know and more time meeting new faces.


It seems like you need some work. Lose the mentality that you are a pest if you want to talk to someone. If you approach networking from the right prospective – HCIHY (how can I help you?) everything will be great.

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