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Top 10 Networking Tips

Networking system will boost development of your future business. To make networking more efficient you need to know several key points. 100AM is sharing top 10 practical networking tips on how to network and improve your effectiveness.

Networking Tip #1. First and foremost. Do not just take – offer in return!

This concept is in the core of networking. It is important to distinguish two types of networking at the early stage. Positive — with the goal of providing services and being useful with skills and experience. And negative — with the goal of using skills and resources of other people to gain one’s own benefit, without any desire to mutually help another.
Not a secret that the first type is the most advantageous. You should always remember that effective networking is based on good faith and genuine desire to help your business peers.

Networking Tip #2. Clear goal-setting.

You need to understand what you are trying to achieve in order to clearly set the task and get desirable results. Clearly defined goals will narrow down a circle of people instrumental for their achievement.
In addition, we want to advise you to make connections with your idols. They are people who can teach you something new and who are helpful for your business development. Thanks to this relationship, you can get new skills and achieve your initial goals.

Networking Tip #3. Open Questions and Attentive Listening.

An effective way to open the discussion and show to interlocutors your interest is to include such questions as “What?”, “Who?”, “How?”. These open questions covert one-line dialogs in to a discussion and allow you to touch upon more critical topics. Do not forget to listen carefully to your interlocutors and ask clarifying questions. It will help them to see you are interested in what they have to say.

Networking Tip #4. You are a powerful resource.

Obviously, if you want another people to turn to you for ideas, experience and offer partnership, you need to prove yourself as a person who constantly holds a wide supply of resources they may need.

Networking Tip #5. Develop relationships.

Networking is not an emotionless receiving of benefits and growth of your business. The “net” stands for a net of people, connections. Developing those are vital for continues support and for growing sales and referrals. It’s a known fact that people would more likely to join referred groups. In order to get the status of a “trusted” person at the initial stage of networking, you should approach this work, first of all, as an opportunity to provide people with your ideas, views and experience.

Networking Tip #6. Be prepared.

Take plenty of business cards with you, but do not rush to pass the around. Give a business card to someone who truly became interested in your idea. If planning on bringing of brochures, print them with hard cover and rings. Leaflets are easy to throw out, but a professional-looking “business books” won’t be disposed easily. In addition, prepare an “Elevator Pitch” – a brief description of your business for 15-20 seconds.

Networking Tip #7. Take Notes.

Receiving a business card, take time to write on its back the place where you met and the main points that have been discussed. Doing that during a conversation will help to convey your sense of personal touch and importance.

Networking Tip #8. All for one and one for all.

Start a conversation with those who are alone. It is necessary to give a chance to those who have not yet proven themselves as a “powerful resource”. The people who have just joined the group have great potential and a desire to work effectively.

Networking Tip #9. Pick no favorites.

Business events are not infinite. Your task is to find as many potential partners as possible. This can be done only by talking with a big number of people. Most importantly — switch from one person to another politely: “I would talk a little now… It was nice talking….”

Networking Tip #10. Follow-up actions.

After meeting someone, you have only 2 days to strengthen the contact established at the conference. Send a note about how glad you were to meet them or send an article that may be useful for a person. In this way you will show you are interested in continuing a relationship.