Networking Events, News about Events and Networking Tips

What Is Networking

As an expert in event networking, we are sure that networking in the today society is a genius way to get yourself more possibilities in your career, business, self-development, personal growth and other sides of your life.

Basically, networking means meeting a lot of new people, building friendly/business relationship with them and keeping in touch further on.

Common purposes of it may be:

– finding a new job,

– finding a new client,

– making new friends,

– developing your career,

– increasing knowledge in a particular field.

But usually, networking is used to reach specific business and career goals.

Networking events

The most common way to enrich your list of contacts with new useful names is to go to business networking events. They are usually organized with a particular topic which gathers people that are interested in it.

To find the wide range of all networking events, especially local, you can go to our business networking app 100AM.

Alternatively, you can search a needed event in social media, forums, blogs or simply visit business networking website. The best way not to miss any important local networking event is to join business networking club.


Online networking

This is a new trend that had emerged with the appearance and growth of social networks. It became much easier to find a needed person on the internet, research what he/she likes and start a talk.

The combinations of offline and online networking are considered to be the most effective. In 100AM we have developed a feature that allows to find a person before the event, start communication and then meet in person on the day of event.


Business networking tips and techniques

  1. Define your goals before the event. Without it, you will less likely get what you need and more likely be used by other people for their purpose.
  2. Write and wear a name card. And prepare a lot of business cards.
  3. Depending on the event, prepare an “elevator” speech about 10 seconds in which you describe who you are and what do you do. Keep it short and clear.
  4. After the event, the main part just begins! Keep in contact with those who you have just met. You can share useful information, give or ask for advice, offer help. Do not forget to figure out their birthday and set a reminder on your calendar.


So, we hope that we could bring some light on what does networking mean and even motivated you to visit one of networking events. Just remember that networking is not about “selling” your product or your business, it is about sharing the information, ideas, and experience. Be sure, if you prove yourself really helpful, the person would remember you when he needs your product or services.