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Why Do We Need Business Networking?

In the current age of technology, there are plenty of means to get connected. Yet, meeting face to face is still very important. Do you agree? Just give it a thought. Would you rather work with someone you know personally or with someone you have never met before? I am sure you will choose wisely based on an array of reasons, but previous personal interaction will always play in one’s favor. Hence, in the business world, nothing will replace an opportunity to meet face-to-face.

What is the definition of Business Networking? It is a social-economic activity, typically within a certain niche, geared towards generating business relationships in formal and informal settings, creating opportunities for collaborations and learning about new trends and solutions of the industry.

Business networking meetings can run from smaller local groups in your city to world-wide conventions with thousands of attendees. For a beginner networker, it is useful to start polishing your skills with local networking groups and make your way to larger events as they may be overwhelming.

Why is it so important to go out there and network?


Here are 10 reasons why it is good to represent your company at networking events.

1) You are face to face

Networking event gives you that important face to face time with valuable people. It is vital for your business growth and prosperity.

2) You are legit

Many people are cautious when working with your vendors or client. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there. By attending a conference you prove that your business is real and you care about creating its good impression.

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3) You are visible

Many conferences offer additional advertising opportunities that can make attendees aware of your presence. It can be sponsoring the luncheon or providing water or coffee, your name will be all over on those cups and bottles.

4)  You are developing

In preparation for a new trade show, you come up with new projects to offer or ways to promote yourself. That inspires you to always be looking for ways to make your business better.

5)  You are updated

Talking about new ideas, did you know that many conferences offer keynotes from industry leaders and various educational seminars for you to attend? Take advantage of that too!

6) You are inspired

During evening networking events that are typical for conferences, you meet and mingle with so many people from different areas of life and you never know who’s story will spark your new idea! Make sure to have your own story to tell .

7) You are global

By attending an international conference, you get a chance to meet client or partners from abroad all in one place, instead of spending a lot of money to travel to their countries.

8) You are reconnected

Regular attendance gives you a benefit of meeting your current clients every year. It is a great way to catch up and discuss last year’s results and new year’s goals.

9)  You are entertained

Networking can be stressful and exhausting when done wrong, that’s why organizers make sure you get to relax, unwind, see the city-host and have a great time while doing well for your business.

10) You are out

Any conference is a chance for you to get out of your routine work and refresh the way you look at things. It is also an opportunity to either sharpen or show off your networking skills.

Get out there and do it!