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IFA Berlin New Technologoes Then And Now

IFA Berlin 2018 is just around the corner (IFA Berlin 2018 dates: August 31 – September 5) and everyone can’t wait to see what’s new in Berlin this year. Perfect time to take a look back at the achievements of the tech convention 2017 by checking out the winners of last year’s UX Design Awards. To learn more about what goes into creating an award recognizing the latest in tech go here.

It has been a year since these selected nominees were presented at Berlin tech conference 2017. What are they and what is going on with them now.

  1. Cellbricks – Organ as a Service.


Cellbricks dares to dream that they can use a 3D printer to print… living tissue and, in future, human organs from the organic print matrix and human cells. The dream paid off. This technology can already be used to eliminate cruel animal experiments and make drugs safer. The idea itself, being revolutionary, is simple. You load the blueprint of an organ and 3D print it. In reality, there are years of hard work put into developing it and now it needs to be scaled down so that biologists that don’t have special education in the realm on 3D printing can use it too.


Today Cellbricks have not yet printed an entire organ. They are also looking for investors, because not that many venture capitalists are ready to invest in the project that may take decades to bring ROI. However, Cellbricks’ team is not in it for money or fame. They are inspired by the vision of printing a beating heart one day and save people’s lives. At this stage, they continue with the research and already sell tumor models to cancer clinics for research purposes. Clinics use these samples in the preclinical trials to see which immune cells will interact with the model. Chosen cells will then be used in clinical testing and later to treat patients.


2. BMW i Inside Future / BMW Concept HoloActive Touch.


The BMW I Inside Future is a prototype sculpture that gives you a visual idea as to what direction the self-moving car development is headed. BMW HoloActive Touch is an interactive interface right between the driver and the front windshield. It helps the vehicle and the driver to communicate with each other. The system is not your typical touch panel. It operates directly by finger movements and hand gestures, with an ultrasound source providing tactile confirmation of the driver’s commands.


BMW is constantly developing their design for both the interior and the exterior of their cars to make them better. However, they are not spreading around much information on what exactly they are working on now. It is understandable, as the competitors are also working on self-driving cars and they have to be careful not to leak any vital information ahead of time.


3. VEYE 360 System i-mmersive.


Imagine going to your favorite star’s concert without leaving your couch. It is now possible! You can attend events anywhere in the world by using VR smartphone glasses on your end and high-quality VEYE 360 camera located at the events. Don’t like concerts? It can be sporting events, conferences, talks and more. The visual experience is amplified by the spatial sound that leads to an unforgettable experience.


The team at I-mmersive is offering multiple products including a new VEYE 360 Blockchain to fight the issue of fake news and violation of copyrights. Blockchain is currently being used as a solution for content creators in the media space. However, there was no actual hardware that will adhere to these levels of security. That is what i-immersive is creating – a reliable solution for all who what to protect their creations. Built-in blockchain hardware chip will ensure the proof of ownership and authorship for the creator who uses this new camera.


Based on these examples, you can see how diverse the tech industry is getting and companies are setting even bigger goals. Some goals are impossible to achieve within one year, but time is probably the only limit we have right now. Everything else is possible when dedicated people put their heads together to solve a major issue and make this world a better place.